Notice Of Risk

  ALL OF "Uhmah Colletion" Products Are Handmade. We Strive to Provide a 100% All Natural and Safe Product. However, Some of Our Handmade Products (Bath & Body i.e. Lotions) Contain a 1-4% Man Made Material (i.e Preservatives) for "Skin Safe" and "Shelf Life" reasons.

Therefore we must provide this WARNING to our customers as some of the ingredients used may still cause skin Irritation/Allergic reactions to some people.

If You Are Pregnant or Nursing. Consult with your physician prior to using our products as some ingredients should not be used by pregnant/nursing women. Therefore it is important to read all ingredients prior to use.

Handmade Jewelry Items: Be CAUTIOUS when wearing heavy earrings in pierced  ears to avoid damage/injury. When wearing jewelry BE CAREFUL not to get the item caught in clothing/machinery as to avoid damage to clothing ans/or injury to your body.

Skin Sensitive People:

If you are someone who is skin sensitive to certain metals. Please take this into consideration as some metals used to create jewelry may cause skin irritation for sensitive skin.

Disclaimer: Uhmah Collection LLC and/or its Owner are Not to be held liable for any injury or allergic reaction you may incur as a result of using any of our handmade products.

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